Extracorporeal Blood Treatment for More quality of life

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Life-saving therapy for the well-being of patients

Extracorporeal Blood Treatment is one of the few treatments which depend on trust in people and products. This life-saving form of therapy allows the patient to continue a "normal" life. To achieve the goals of quality renal care and best possible patient outcomes, we firmly believe that an integrated, holistic approach that encompasses the entire care process is absolutely essential.

About B. Braun Avitum

With more than 380 renal care centers in more than 30 countries around the world, patients can rely on us for professional dialysis treatments, expert medical advice and counseling, and also for assistance with other important issues such as diet and travel.

Clearly our focus is on renal care, but in the meanwhile we also operate a network of outpatient medical centers in selected countries and locations which offers our patients advice and services in other medical areas besides renal care, such as internal medicine, cardiology or urology.  

With this comprehensive system of care, patients can rest assured that both the quality of treatment they receive and their quality of life are properly maintained at the best possible level.

Our Quality Policy

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