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Collaborative, professional and in direct dialog with customers

In our Marketing & Sales department, we take the needs and wishes of healthcare professionals and patients seriously. We therefore engage with our customers at eye level and place great emphasis on collaborative partnership and building lasting business relationships. Only in this way we can offer successful, tailored solutions and concepts that constantly improve patient care worldwide.

There is another aspect to our success: Our wide range of products allows us to support entire therapy concepts and respond to each customer quickly and in a tailored way. In a nutshell, thanks to the effective interaction of Marketing & Sales, we are not only able to manage processes; we are also able to showcase new ideas in medical technology.

Opportunities for job entries and advanced careers

Whether in sales, customer service,聽consulting or product and market management, our teams in Marketing & Sales consist of many specialists, from economists and industrial engineers to doctors, all the way to pharmacists and nurses.